Klymit, the Centerville, UT-based outdoor company specializing in lightweight camping and backpacking equipment, brings a new addition to its already impressive repertoire – a backpack for runners. The growing company is widely known throughout the outdoor space as a brand that challenges traditional approaches to design and materials.

The Dash 10 Running Pack (the first of its kind for Klymit), sticks to this reputation, beginning the list of run-specific features with the company’s signature Air Frame Technology. And it only gets more high-tech from there.

Dash-10-Running-Pack-The lightweight running pack went live this month. Weighing a breezy 15.9 ounces, which includes the Air Frame, the Dash 10 also has a running specific harness with easy pump access for on-the-go adjustments. Klymit has applied its Air Frame to many of its existing pack offerings for hiking and camping, and dubbed the system “revolutionary,” offering lightweight support without impacting mobility. The customizable stiffness gives wearers the chance to dynamically change the frame as needed without buying a new pack.

Klymit President Cory Tholl said, “We’re excited to bring a lightweight running pack to the Klymit line. The unique Air Frame technology sets this pack apart from other running packs and we are looking forward to introducing Klymit to the running market with this design. In addition to being a great running pack, the pack works well for hiking, biking and other adventures outdoors.”

The Dash 10 Running Pack is also hydration and water bottle compatible, and includes durable mesh in the back area for breathability. Made out of durable 210D nylon, the pack has a load capacity of 15.5 lbs. The torso size is 16-23 in and the waist size is 27-46 inches.

The Klymit team promises to make a prolonged appearance in the run category, as its gang of, “part engineers, part gear junkies, part mad scientists and all outdoorsmen,” thrives on challenges and creative product solutions.