In a potential sign that the pandemic continues to influence how people consume content and shop, SGB Media sees its online media presence,, post breakout numbers once again.

“With active lifestyle market professionals working from home for the last 9-to-10 months, we have seen much greater online engagement with our newsletter subscribers,” said SGB Media Publisher James Hartford. “ has seen its pageview metrics increase nearly 20 percent for the trailing 12 month period through the end of November compared to the prior 12 month period. We attribute this to work from home employees and contractors seeking news and information relevant to their careers while industry trade magazines may be piling up on their desks or mailrooms at the office.”

For the trailing 12 month period (T-12) ended November 30, saw website pageviews increase 19 percent to 2.47 million page views, according to data generated by Google Analytics. Sessions increased 17 percent for the period, an indication people are also accessing more articles on each session.

The Device Breakdown also showed for the 12-month period, Desktop devices generating 56 percent of user sessions while Mobile generated 42 percent of user sessions.

“The shift SGB Media made a few years ago to mobile-first web and newsletter platforms has really paid off,” Hartford continued. “We have seen steady growth in Mobile consumption over the last couple of years but also found that many people still check the news on their Desktop when they first arrived at the office. With so many people working from home today, all the old assumptions have changed. People need to access news and information on the fly and from any location.”

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Photo courtesy SportLuxe