By David Clucas

SGB has made the trip overseas to Friedrichshafen, Germany to get a first-hand look at Europe’s outdoor industry from one of region’s largest trade shows — OutDoor 2016. About 960 exhibitors from 40 countries are attending the four-day show, which covers climbing, trail running, canoeing, cycling, paragliding, bouldering, camping, backpacking, traveling and more.

OutDoor (or “Friedrichshafen” as many call it in the U.S. — add it to your spell check) kicked off today and SGB is on the show floor bringing you up-to-the minute coverage.

What are we looking for? 

While many European brands are increasingly being sold in the U.S., the definition of “outdoor” can still have plenty of differences across the pond. We’ll be looking for what’s new and different and what trends and styles could make their way to the states. Also surely to be top of mind at the show … Brexit … what it means for U.K. brands in Europe and for U.S. brands looking for a foothold here.

One thing is for sure, Europe, as in the U.S., is seeing a shift in the definition of the outdoor industry.

“Outdoor activities appeal because they represent a counter trend to the hectic, fast pace of modern life,” said Frank Gauß, deputy head of communication of Messe Friedrichshafen, the show’s operator. “Touring the exhibition halls of the OutDoor trade show makes one thing very clear: outdoor activities are wide ranging and mean much more than just hiking and mountaineering. Even the daily commute to work inspires people to experience nature and push the industry forward.”

Here are photos from Tuesday’s press tour directly from the show floor. Stay tuned for complete coverage from SGB Today and SGB Executive of this week’s events!

Marmot booth.

Marmot booth


Lightwave / Crux booth.

Lightwave/Crux booth


Houdini booth.

Houdini booth


Dynafit booth.

Dynafit booth


Lifestraw booth.

Lifestraw booth

Photos courtesy Messe Friedrichshafen