Sena – manufacturer of innovative Bluetooth products for the motorsports, action sports and outdoor activities market – has released their new smart helmet into the cycling market. The X1 helmet is the first fully integrated Bluetooth helmet for cycling and is now available worldwide

The X1 is equipped with a fully integrated Bluetooth communication system. The helmet allows cyclists to stay in touch with up to three riding companions via the built-in intercom. Bluetooth 4.1 allows for riders to easily pair the helmet to their smartphone to listen to data and cues from fitness apps, GPS directions, music and take/make phone calls. The unit is controlled by a three-button design on the side of the helmet. Sena’s current product lineup also includes compatible remote controls, cameras and more.

The open ear speakers are built into the helmet above both ears to deliver audio to the rider in any condition, while also allowing riders to maintain awareness of their surroundings. The microphone is integrated into the front of the helmet. The X1 is available in quartz white, indigo blue, orion gray and jet black in adjustable sizes of M and L for $199.

Sena will be rolling out the X1 Pro in the next few months which has the same functionality and design as the X1, but comes with a QHD camera built directly into the center of the helmet. The X1 Pro will be available for $349.