Seattle Sports began in 1983 as an outdoor sports gear manufacturer and has continued to grow and thrive in the market ever since. Seattle Sports continues to produce merchandise in various outdoor gear categories. These categories include, but are not limited to: paddling and camping accessories; car top carriers and accessories; headlamps; electronic gear protection, and canoe and kayak rooftop transport.

With over 20 years knowledge and experience in creating dry bags, Seattle Sports is taking their dry bag expertise and introducing it to the cycling market. With their main offices in Seattle, a city that has been voted by Bicycling Magazine as one of the best cycling cities in the US and a city known for its rain, it is easy to see where Seattle Sports got their inspiration for their new bike bag line.

For 2006 Seattle Sports is introducing a line of weather tight panniers, trunk, seat, handle bar and messenger bags. While these bags look like simple sewn bags, they hide a secret on the inside; an RF welded inner liner. By combining the styling of a sewn bag with the protection of RF welded seams and coated zippers, Seattle Sports has created a line of bags that are perfect for all weather conditions.