“The new 2016 Jackson Kayak/SealLine Seat Back Pouch was born of a partnership between two companies with a shared commitment to U.S. manufacturing,” said Damon Bungard, product manager, Jackson Kayak.

SealLine, a leader in dry bags and packs, announced a partnership with Jackson Kayak on a custom SealLine weatherproof seat bag system for Jackson’s new line of fishing kayaks. The bag brings 10L of close-at-hand weatherproof protection to the kayak fishing boat design.

“The collaborative efforts between our companies have proven very successful in delivering unsurpassed comfort and performance to modern kayak fishing. It’s been a fun project and hopefully a sign of things to come,” said Bungard.

The custom seat bag system will be featured with many of Jackson’s premier fishing kayaks, including select versions of the Coosa, Cuda, Big Tuna, Big Rig, Kraken, Kilroy and Tupelo models.


Jackson Kayak SealLine Seat Back Pouch

Jackson Kayak designs, builds and manufactures its whitewater, fishing and exploration paddle sports products domestically in Sparta, TN. The company has reached manufacturing capacity in its current 100,000-square-foot facility, however an expansion is underway as the company opens an additional facility, also in Sparta, TN.
As for SealLine, owned by umbrella company Cascade Designs Inc., the company manufactures its dry bags and sacks, protective cases, packs, duffels and accessories for paddle sports gear protection in the U.S., with some manufacturing outsourced to Cork, Ireland.