SDS Imports announced it has appointed Tim Mulverhill, a 16-year veteran of the firearms industry, as chief executive officer. Mulverhill will be responsible for restructuring the company to expand its domestic manufacturing, drive brand strategy and focus on its import arm.

Drawing on his manufacturing experience as COO at Samson Manufacturing and his work as Kimber’s director of product development, Mulverhill will be tasked to drive SDS into the next phase of its growth.

SDS partner David Fillers explained, “We wanted to maintain the exponential growth we’ve enjoyed over the last three years and felt it was necessary to bring in a CEO and CFO to support this. I’ve known Tim since his days in the training business and appreciate his depth of understanding of the firearms industry.”

Mulverhill added, “SDS is uniquely positioned to capture additional market share in the aftermath of the pandemic buying spree. Unlike other import houses, SDS has working relationships with our suppliers who deliver product made to SDS specifications and quality standards. These arrangements are facilitated by the presence of embedded staff at the point of manufacturing, who drive quality and product performance. In parallel with these existing partnerships, SDS intends to bring manufacturing to the Knoxville area with the support of our overseas partners.”

Logo courtesy SDS Imports