Scarpa, the manufacturer of performance footwear for mountain sports, reported achieving Benefit Company status, a legal designation that identifies companies who, along with profit, aim to generate “value for the public and the planet.” Scarpa “ensures it will continue to operate in a transparent, responsible and sustainable way, and with consideration for its impact on stakeholders.”

Achieving Benefit Company status comes two years after the company outlined its Green Manifesto—the brand’s sustainability guidelines—into a plan whereby progress is trackable and moves the company closer to becoming a certified B Corp. The company “will report annually on its work toward these goals.”

“We at Scarpa have always tried to pay particular attention to respect for the environment, people and the community. It couldn’t be any other way for a company like ours that is rooted in a passion for mountains and nature,” said Sandro Parisotto, chairman of Scarpa and a member of the family that has owned the company since 1956. “We are aware that there is still a long way to go. This is a change that involves the company at every level, and the contribution that the public can make toward sustainability will also be incredibly valuable in helping us achieve our goals. This is the only way for us to climb the new, challenging peaks that lie ahead.”

Scarpa also outlined actionable objectives: “reducing the impact of production processes; creating products that are more durable and pollute less; studying circular alternatives for the end-of-life management of footwear; and experimenting with totally recycled and certified materials.”

Since 2020, Scarpa’s headquarters in Italy has operated on “certified renewable energy or energy from low-impact plant biomass and utilizes photovoltaic systems to further reduce its emissions.”

Photo courtesy Scarpa