Sacks Parente Golf, Inc. expanded its product portfolio, adding a business division, Newton, the company’s entry into golf club shafts.

“We’re proud to introduce Newton Shafts, a new business division at Sacks Parente Golf,” said Tim Triplett, president, CEO and co-founder. “This expansion into golf club shafts complements our well-established putter division, reflecting our ongoing commitment to innovation and quality. We’re looking forward to seeing Newton enhance the game for golfers worldwide.”

SPG manufactures the golf shafts in its St. Joseph, MO factory and includes a shaft adapter and grip, a Lamkin Crossline 360. For the driver head, there are adaptor options. SPG uses a dotted shaft flex system, ranging from one to six dots.

  • One Dot – Swing speeds less than 75 mph or driving distance less than 180 yards.
  • Two Dot – Swing speeds 75 mph to 85 mph or driving distance from 180 yards to 220 yards.
  • Three Dot – Swing speeds 85 mph to 95 mph or driving distance from 210 yards to 240 yards.
  • Four Dot – Swing speeds 95 mph to 105 mph or driving distance from 230 yards to 260 yards.
  • Five Dot – Swing speeds 105 mph to 115 mph or driving distance from 250 yards to 285 yards.
  • Six Dot – Swing speeds 115-plus mph or driving distance from 275–plus yards.

Photo courtesy Sacks Parente