Racquet Sports Industry (RSI), the world’s largest tennis trade magazine, has announced it is changing its name to Tennis Industry (TI), going back to the publication’s original name after 10 years. The new name, along with a redesign, will debut with the January issue.

In 2014, the new Tennis Industry (TI) magazine will begin its 42nd year covering the sport. TI is the official publication of the Tennis Industry Association (TIA), U.S. Racquet Stringers Association (USRSA), and American Sports Builders Association (ASBA). Tennis Industry will continue to publish 10 issues a year, including print and digital editions (www.tennisindustrymag.com).

“We’re pleased to take this opportunity to rebrand and rename this industry’s premier trade magazine,” says David Bone, co-publisher of RSI/TI and the executive director of the USRSA. “While we still plan on offering coverage of all racquet sports, our name change back to Tennis Industry reflects the growing importance of tennis to this country’s recreational choices.”

“With so many important initiatives now helping to increase tennis participation, including 10 and Under Tennis, PlayTennis.com and new programs to help drive more business to tennis retailers, we feel this is the right time to re-emphasize our key connection to the sport,” adds co-publisher Jeff Williams.

RSI magazine was created in 2003 when Tennis Industry merged with Racquet Tech magazine, which was the magazine of membership for the USRSA. The name “Racquet Sports Industry” will continue to be used within the pages of Tennis Industry for an occasional section that will cover racquet sports besides tennis, including racquetball, squash, badminton and paddle tennis.

The largest tennis trade publication in the world, RSI/TI print and digital editions are published 10 times a year (monthly January through August, with combined issues in September/October and November/December).  Now in its 41st year, RSI/TI is the official publication of the Tennis Industry Association, U.S. Racquet Stringers Association, and the American Sports Builders Association.