Rogue Fitness formally announced the acquisition of OSO Barbell, a leading designer and manufacturer of barbell collars and other specialty weightlifting products. As part of the agreement, Rogue will carry all OSO products into the company’s line-up in 2018.

Based in Columbus, OH, Rogue is among the single largest producers of American-made strength and conditioning equipment, including its own line of original power racks, barbells and bumper plates. The company has had a working relationship with OSO Barbell for years, highlighted by the production of exclusive Rogue-branded OSO collars.

“We are very excited to bring OSO into the Rogue family of American made products,” said Rogue owner Bill Henniger. “I have always admired Tyler’s designs and ingenuity, so we are excited to continue working with him on new products as well.”

Founded in Frederick, CO, by Tyler Stilson, OSO Barbell’s central focus has been its billet-grade aluminum collars, available in a range of brand names (Pro, Titan, Elite, Mighty) and colors. These distinctive, gear-shaped clamps, designed by industrial engineers, have gained favor for their durability, ease-of-use, style and performance. The company has also produced a line of “Mini Bars” for beginners, along with False Grips, Safety Blocks and more.

Rogue plans on continuing to service current distribution channels and keep the product lines moving. They will move OSO’s production to Columbus and work with Tyler Stilson to create new products.

Photo courtesy Rogue Fitness