Rocky Talkie, an outdoor communication device provider, launched its 5 Watt Radio, designed and tested in the Colorado Rockies for backcountry travel and the General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS) market.

Rocky Talkie’s 5 Watt Radio builds on the most popular features of the company’s Mountain Radio for battery life, durability and intuitive operation but with additional benefits, including broader range and an IP67 waterproof rating (1 meter submersion and water-shedding design).

“We’ve spent years systematically designing and testing a fully waterproof GMRS radio that inspires a new level of confidence in backcountry communications,” commented Bryce Jones, CEO and co-founder of Rocky Talkie. “We’re thrilled to add the 5 Watt Radio to our line-up and enable adventurers to push their limits even further in the backcountry.” 

The 5 Watt Radio transmits the highest GMRS power permitted under FCC regulations (5 watts) for a maximum range of 35 miles (2 to 8 miles in typical backcountry terrain). GMRS designation means the radio also unlocks repeater capability to relay and further extend communication range. 

Each radio has a pre-installed compact, high-performance 3-inch antenna and a swappable 7.5-inch whip antenna.

When designing the 5 Watt Radio, Rocky Talkie also prioritized battery life. The equipment has a cold-resistant 1800 mAh battery with 4-to-6 days of use on a single charge, even in temperatures as low as -20F.

Complementing the radio’s range and battery life is a streamlined feature set built to maximize user experience and includes an integrated steel gator clip with 360-degree rotation for easy attachment and access, a backup leash for security against drops, rubber padding, and a shatterproof LED screen. Eleven NOAA weather channels and alerts provide weather data in the field, and a dual-channel watch allows users to monitor private group and public community channels in high-traffic backcountry zones.

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Photo courtesy Rocky Talkie