Rip-It Sports, a manufacturer of youth softball products, stated that it has reached sales of one million units of its fielder’s masks.

Rip-It’s Defense Pro fielder’s masks offer a lightweight design and provide players with the protection and better visibility.

“After seeing the demand for safe but stylish softball gear, we have been able to develop and tailor our products to the needs of the female youth,” said Matthew Delgado, director of marketing at Rip-It. “We receive countless emails and calls from parents and players who tell us how our fielder’s masks saved their daughter’s life and hearing that is what makes our job and mission at Rip-It so meaningful.”

Rip-It noted that to date, Missouri and Kentucky are the first states to mandate that high school softball players wear protective gear and bordering states are rallying to implement a similar law.

“We expect to see exponential growth over the next year as requirements change and hope that our products will continue to help players stay safe while playing the sport they love,” said Delgado.

The Defense Pro is the only fielder’s mask in the market backed by a $5,000 Peace of Mind Policy, a guarantee that states if a customer suffers an injury as a direct result of a softball striking the Defense Pro fielder’s mask, Rip-It will cover the medical costs of up to $5,000.

Photo courtesy Rip-It Sports