Razor USA, better known as Razor, is your classic Made In The USA story.


With more than 3 million scooters sold in stores last year alone — at $100+ each — the designer and manufacturer of personal transporters and other E-rideables, has had an incredible rise to the top.

The company was founded in Cerritos, CA in 2000 by Carlton Calvin – the company also owns RipStik, Sole Skate and Pocket Pros brands. Razor scooters were huge in Japan but unknown here when Calvin became one of the product’s U.S. distributors. When they caught on quickly in Los Angeles, Calvin went nationwide by marketing to the media and using retail connections.

Geographically, Razor headquarters in Southern California gives the company an advantage because they see a lot of hot products come through the ports before the rest of the country giving them often a six-month lead on trends. And being a small business,  Calvin and his team have the distinct advantage to see when kids are picking up on a trend and move fast on it.

Listen to an interview with Edison Nation where Calvin talks about the company’s humble beginnings and it’s immediate rise in popularity.

Photos courtesy Razor, Video courtesy Edison Nation