Riddell has launched an equipment grant as part of its Smarter Football Commitment that calls on players, coaches, parents and fans to take an active role in supporting safe play in the sport of football.

Riddell said the “bigger, faster, stronger” game is forcing programs to rethink their approach to every phase of the game and “incorporate mental acumen to match physical prowess.”

As part of the Smarter Football Commitment, a total of $100,000 in equipment will be donated to football programs that best articulate how the new product will strengthen their team's commitment to smarter football. Grant entries will be accepted today through July 31 at Riddell.com/SmarterFootball.

In addition, Riddell is also encouraging football communities to implement and share best practices that benefit the game via social media using #SmarterFootball.

“The Smarter Football Commitment is Riddell's way to lead and unite the broader football community around a shared interest in advancing the game,” said Dan Arment, president of Riddell. “It also provides a platform for broader discussion of best practices and gives us another opportunity to contribute to the sport we love.”