Performance Begins With The Stitch. Progress Begins With The Stitch. Principal Begins with the Stitch.

Rhone is hitting the road with a pop-up retail tour this week that kicked off at Brookfield Place in NYC and continues with the launch of Walden House on October 15, a mobile tiny house (store & showroom) heading out for a multi-city tour.

After building a successful e-commerce business on the mantra, “Performance Begins With The Stitch. Progress Begins With The Stitch. Principal Begins with the Stitch”, Rhone is focusing their attention on traditional retail in a non-traditional way, to gain deeper consumer insights to better strategize future retail efforts.

Rhone’s pop-up tour will introduce new variations of the brand’s best-selling styles such as the Commuter Pant, shown left,  in addition to new product launches and a complete line of accessories. Both categories will showcase Rhone’s GoldFusion – a proprietary fabric technology made from gold particles that the company claims dries three times faster than market competitors and permanently controls odor.

To develop Walden House, Rhone partnered with New Frontier, a designer leading the tiny house movement, as seen on HGTV. Inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s work “Walden,” this house was created as a reminder that fitness is a life force, that nature is mobile and that together they are nothing tonic for our time. The Brookfield Place pop-up mimics a similar look and feel.

The Rhone Walden House is currently in a soft-launch phase in Stamford, CT, Rhone’s Headquarters.

For more information on the Rhone brand and its retail tour, visit, and follow along on Instagram @rhonewaldenhouse. Photos courtesy Rhone