Native Eyewear and REI teamed up to offer a new Violet Reflex polarized lens in select styles.

Exclusive to REI for 2017, the violet mirror lens will be offered in Native’s performance and active lifestyle frames, including the Ashdown, Distiller, Hardtop Ultra XP, Kodiak and Sightcaster. The lineup offers the violet lens in either a matte black or gloss black frame and is now available for purchase in REI stores or online.

The Violet Reflex technology adds color and contrast enhancement through color-sorting filtration. The resulting high definition of the lens is reinforced by Native’s standard lens features, including polarization, UV and infrared protection, decentered optics, impact-resistant, oil and water repellant coatings and a vacuum-bonded hard coating. While the violet lens will perform in a number of varying light conditions, it is best suited for moderate to bright sunlight.

Photos courtesy Native