REI’s ‘It was a Good Day’ ad designed by the Copacino+Fujikado ad agency out of Seattle was recently given honors in AdWeek magazine, saying, “Lifestyle advertising is so much nicer when there arent people in it. An unpopulated ad makes it easier to see yourself as the hero of the story it’s telling. Just as important, though, the people-free approach eliminates the chance youll feel averse to the characters the brand presents as its archetypal customers. Think of wine: No matter how much you like to drink the stuff, you probably cringe at the sight of the poseurs who inhabit lifestylish wine ads… Like wine, (the outdoor) market thrives on over-the-top connoisseurship-something you may enjoy as a practitioner but that you dont want to see as a bystander. Buying all sorts of arcane gear is the favorite indoor sport of outdoorsy people, and theyd rather not be reminded that there’s something silly about this… REI’s target customers will be happy to envision themselves in this scene.”