Reef announced the official addition of seven athletes to its team of footwear sponsored surfers. Joining surf icons Rob Machado and Mick Fanning, Reef has signed Conner and Parker Coffin from Santa Barbara, Luke Davis from San Clemente, Ford Archbold from Newport Beach, Sterling Spencer of Florida, Brian Toth from Puerto Rico and Peter Devries from Canada.
Reef's Global Team Manager, Heath Walker says, “We're stoked to grow this inspirational youth movement at Reef. We're putting a lot of focus into the younger generation of surfers and are excited for our guys to bring new energy to the brand by promoting the Reef lifestyle and enhancing the story of the “Modern Gypsy” along the way.”

This “Modern Gypsy” theme stems from the success of 2010's “Cancer to Capricorn” film, which depicted the life of traveling surfers, jet setting around the globe, lusting for the perfect wave and experiencing all the various cultures along the way.

Walker continues, “These young entrepreneurs of the sport bring so much energy and creativity to the Reef team. Conner and Parker are already so driven and it excites me to think of where they will be in two years. Sterling brings the humor and personality, along with being a very talented young surfer.

Ford has a bright future under the guidance of his legendary father Matt Archbold. Luke Davis is a hot young talent from San Clemente with the WCT in his sights. Brian Toth compliments the Reef brand as one of the best athletes hailing from Puerto Rico. Lastly, Peter Devries speaks directly to the Modern Gypsy story as he treks trough treacherous weather, freezing water and bear invested terrain searching for perfect waves in Canada.”