Starting next week, Reebok's fully integrated marketing campaign for “I Am What I Am,” will offer bonus footage through 'On Demand' TV including exclusive interviews with Allen Iverson, as well as Jay-Z and 50 Cent. Rbk partnered with BrightLine Partners to create its video-on-demand (VOD) advertising that will launch April 11, 2005.

The campaign signals Rbk's first foray into VOD advertising, further exhibiting Rbk's market leading approach to reaching target audiences that increasingly expect and want a personalized, on demand television experience.

The campaign, designed and implemented by iTV ad agency BrightLine Partners establishes Rbk as the first in their category to begin embracing iTV advertising as an increasingly critical means of reaching target audiences. “This first step in interactive TV advertising with VOD enables Rbk to maximize consumer access to, and the overall impact of, Rbk's extensive library of content from celebrity endorsements,” said Jacquie Corbelli, CEO of BrightLine Partners.

Rbk's 30-second spots, featuring excerpts from candid interviews with stars such as Iverson, will prompt viewers in the Philadelphia market to see more from their hometown hero by visiting Rbk in their on-demand menu. “This campaign represents a natural progression for the 'I Am What I Am' campaign by further establishing Rbk as being on the cutting edge of content and technology,” said Marc Fireman, Reebok's Director of Interactive Marketing. Adding, “VOD enables us to extend consumer exposure and engagement with essential qualities of our brand far beyond what traditional television would allow.”