The CPSC and K2 Sports, Inc. are recalling approximately 7,400 pairs of Marker M1 Demo Ski Bindings. Skiers can unintentionally displace a lever at the rear of the binding which is used for fitting adjustment by ski technicians. If it is fully displaced, it can result in the unexpected release of the binding and possibly cause the user to fall.

K2 Sports has received at least 10 reports of bindings unexpectedly releasing, which may be due to this hazard, including one report of a skier receiving bruises and one skier reporting a shoulder injury.

This recall involves Marker M1 Demo ski bindings, which fit only on certain K2 skis with the K2/Marker Mod integrated mounting system. These bindings will not mount on other skis. Consumer versions of Marker ski bindings do not have a gray boot sole length adjustment lever on the back of the heel and are not included in this Recall Alert.

The recalled bindings were sold to ski rental shops nationwide from October through December 2006. These skis were not sold to consumers.