Cane Creek Cycling Components Inc. of Fletcher, NC has recalled about 5,000 rear shocks sold in Canada and the United States this year because their high-speed rebound dials are mislabeled.

This recall involves Cane Creek’s DBINLINE bicycle rear shock absorbers. The shocks are marked with graphics that incorrectly identify the adjustment directions for High Speed Rebound (HSR) damping.  HSR on the shock is decreased by turning the adjuster counter-clockwise and increased by turning it clockwise. The incorrect graphics present the opposite; that is, the plus(+) and minus(–) symbols are switched. The consumer can be misled or confused when adjusting HSR on these shocks.

Cane Creek has received four complaints from customers, one of which involved a report of injury with bruises in the midsection.

The shocks come in black anodized aluminum with the words INLINE marked on the air can portion of the shock and are attached to a full-suspension mountain bike frame. Recalled products have a serial number on the underside of the top valve body in the following ranges: AA00002-AA07304 and SA00077-SA03926.
The shocks were sold on the aftermarket for about $495 as well as original equipment on the following mountain bikes from May through September of this year:
2015 Alutech – Tofane
2015 Banshee – Phantom and Spitfire
2015 Bianchi – Methanol 29
2015 Canyon – Spectral 140-27.5 and 29; and Strive CF
2015 Ghost – AMR Riot 130
2015 Guerilla – Gravity Megatrail
2015 Ibis – Ripley 29
2015 Intense – Tracer, Carbine 29 and Spyder 29 Comp
2015 Knolly – Warden
2015 Nicolai – Helius
2015 Norco – Sight Carbon 7.1
2015 Nukeproof – Mega TR
2015 Orange – Five and Five 29
2015 Specialized – Enduro 650B and 29