Rebel Sport Limited’s sales revenue for the fiscal first half increased 13.5% from A$161.9 million ($121.8 mm) last year to A$183.9 million ($135.0 mm) this year. Same store sales increased 7.1%.

Consolidated net profit for the first fiscal half-year was A$12.9 million ($9.7 mm), a 28.5% increase over the A$10.1 million ($7.4 mm) achieved for first half of 2005. This is equivalent to A16.66 cents (12.5 cents) per share for half compared to A13.04 cents (9.6 cents) per share for the same period last year, a record EPS result for the group.

Year-to-date sales for the have increased 11.2%. Sales on a same store basis increased by 5.3% for the same period.