Raleigh will provide a single season sponsorship package worth more than $10,000 to the highest placed rider without a sponsorship contract at the Raleigh Midsummer Night's Cyclocross.


“We thoroughly believe in the grassroots racer and want to encourage them to bridge up to the next group. This year’s sponsorship is aimed at the local racers,” said Brian Fornes, marketing director for Raleigh America of his idea to sponsor this “Top Elite Rider Without Contract” award. The rider will also receive podium presentation at the event being held Thursday, July 25 at DealerCamp.


“If you don't have a contract, get to Utah!” said Sean Condon, race director. “Not only do you get the contract, you get a ton of media attention. And if this race is to serve as the pageant for hungry stars available for contracts, the Raleigh Midsummer Nights Cyclo-cross will be like the NFL combine for 'cross.”


This prize is in addition to a purse that offers $1,500 to winner of both the elite men's and elite women's divisions.


“This race is all about kicking off the new cyclo-cross season. With the first UCI races a few weeks afterward, we're promoting this event as the debut for new equipment, new teams, new clothing, and new sponsorship,” said Richard Fries, communications director for the event. “A lot of fantastic, deserving racers still don't have that support so critical to competing at the pro level. This investment by Raleigh will produce a new superstar.”