R.L. Winston Rod and Co. has added a series of Plus fishing rods to its line.
The “Plus” stands for heightened line speed, extra power and design features to handle monster flies, strong winds, sinking and oversized head lines and of course big catches.

Serious anglers will appreciate the versatility offered in the Plus line of Saltwater, Jungle and Freshwater rods, ranging from 5wt. to 12wt. The full spectrum includes a powerful, reinforced Jungle Rod for Peacock Bass and Dorado, high-performance Freshwater Rod and a seriously fast Saltwater Rod.

The real buzz around the Plus line is its lighter-weight but that the rods still manage to maintain smooth casting and that the company is committed to not trading quality craftsmanship for the lighter design. In fact, R.L. Winston got to have their cake and eat it too, as they claim the Plus line is both light and high-performance. The only deterrent comes for the once-and-awhile angler, who may stray from purchasing a rod after looking at the suggested retail prices.

All of the models in the Boron III Plus line also feature R.L. Winston’s new shooting guides.

Boron III Plus Saltwater Rods will be released in 6wt. to 12wt. in classic Winston Green coloring featuring full wells grip, hard chrome over-sized snake shooting guides with chrome nano-lite stripping guides, superlight graphite rod tube,
up-locking hard-anodized all-aluminum reel seat. The suggested retail price of $875 to $895 seems worth it. The sturdy features should attract only the most serious anglers.

Boron Plus III Jungle Rods are offered at a narrower 8wt. and 9wt., but include many of the chromed-up style features of the Saltwater Rods including an over-sized snake shooting guide with chrome nano-lite stripping guide.

Jungle Rods, however, are somewhat different – being designed for jungle conditions and reinforced to meet the grit of wild waterways and their larger, more intimidating swimmers. The rods are quick loading with a strong tip to turn over big fliers and a stronger mid-section that helps control and pull. Reinforced mid and butt sections are potential game-changers in the category when it comes to adding lift power. Suggested retail price $895.

For serious freshwater fishers, Boron brings a Plus III design with full wells grip made for fast action. At the lighter option of 5wt. and 6wt., Freshwater Rods still boast strong pull with up-locking all-aluminum rings. There is also a nickel silver reel seat option. Suggested retail price $855 to $875.