Pvolve, the omnichannel fitness company, signed a franchise agreement with Cali Kyle to open its first studio in Denver, CO this fall. 

Working briefly in the corporate world, Kyle did not feel professionally fulfilled. Growing up in an entrepreneurial home, she sought opportunities to build something for herself. As a former member of her local Pvolve studio in Chicago, where she previously resided, Kyle decided to invest in a Pvolve franchise and bring it with her to Denver.

“I was ecstatic to move to Colorado, but very disappointed that I’d have to leave my Pvolve studio in Chicago behind; it was my haven,” Kyle shared. “That’s ultimately what prompted me to explore franchise opportunities with them, not only to support my own health routine but as an opportunity to introduce my new hometown to the concept of functional fitness, which has changed my life in so many ways.” 

Kyle is confident that Denver’s culture and active lifestyle will make Pvolve a welcomed addition to the city’s fitness landscape and has her sights on an additional studio location there.

“Our entire team is thrilled to bring the Pvolve Method to Denver’s vibrant fitness scene. Teaming up with Cali, who understands Denver’s dynamic energy and health-conscious community, makes this launch even more special,” said Pvolve President Julie Cartwright. “Cali’s personal transformation with the Pvolve Method showcases its power in developing holistic strength. She’s the perfect person to foster a welcoming and motivating community in her studio, tailored to Denver’s unique spirit.”

Pvolve reported, “40 percent of franchise owners started as Pvolve members, which serves as a testament to the efficacy of the modality and quality of the community that Pvolve offers.”

Cartwright credits the efficacy of Pvolve’s signature method and its recent partnership with actress, producer, and director Jennifer Aniston as the reasons the brand has experienced explosive growth. 

Image courtesy Pvolve