In a recent acquisition, ProMounds, Inc., a maker of diamond sports products, obtained The Designated Hitter for an undisclosed amount, adding the pitching tool to the product line of the company's retail division, On Deck Sports. On Deck Sports founder Joe Murphy said TDH fills a major need for their customer base, and complements the rest of their product line. 


The Designated Hitter will still be available for online purchase from its ascribed website, as well as through the website for ProMounds’ retail division.


From a bird’s eye view, it appears that ProMounds is making the appropriate moves to expand its brand base, as well as improve its position within the diamond sports market. Since 2001, ProMounds successfully launched its retail division, On Deck Sports, and expanded its offerings to include netting, gym and physical education equipment and strength and conditioning products. It has also designed and constructed nearly 400 indoor baseball and softball training facilities throughout the United States, and provided artificial turf to groups around the world, including U.S. troops.