Prince Sports has realigned its organization, internal functions and activities in order to increase its ability to better serve customers, according to George Napier, chairman and CEO of Prince Sports, Inc.

“This realignment is designed to strengthen the company, increase our ability to meet local market needs more effectively, and enable efficient global coordination of our business,” said Napier. “We’re excited about our new structure that is designed to create faster and friendlier execution across all levels and departments.”

Set to take effect July 1st, the company will be divided into two business units, Prince Sports USA and Prince Sports International. The new Prince Sports USA team is dedicated to accelerating its goal of achieving market leadership and serving customers in the USA. Bill Foy will assume the role of president of Prince Sports USA and will have a team of fully dedicated people focused on accelerating the Prince business in the USA.

Linda Glassel will assume the new position of Vice President of Sports Marketing and Communications, adding Licensing to her on-going responsibilities that include Advertising, Public Relations, Web and Tennis Tour management activities. Additionally, Glassel and her team will support both business units with strategic marketing and brand messaging.

In addition, the USA team will collaborate with other markets around the world on key global initiatives. Prince has also created a new function to coordinate and direct U.S. product management activities, which will be overseen by Howard Lay who will take on the new role of Vice President of Product Management.

The new Prince Sports International team will be headquartered in London. Alistair Thorburn will assume the role of president, Prince Sports International, and will provide increased focus and support to the company’s growth plans internationally. On a product level, the International Team will work through R&D and Prince Taiwan to develop products that meet their markets’ needs. Global product councils for footwear and racquets will be formed to ensure coordination with the USA on tour products and strategies, and technical innovations.