Betwixt Anti-ChafeZealios, the Bend, OR-based outdoor performance and adventure brand, announced it signed a new partnership as the official sunscreen and anti-chafe sponsor of Life Time Athletic Events. Zealios offers a range of personal care products, including sun care, hair care and anti-chafe/skincare solutions.

“Life Time produces some of the most iconic endurance events in the world and attracts top athletes willing to test the extreme conditions,” said Ryan Dolan, president, Zealios. “We are thrilled about this collaboration and opportunity to put Zealios products in front of new athletes who demand the absolute best in UV protection and anti-chafing products.”

“Our goal is to align ourselves with companies that build products matching the same level of endurance as our events,” said Kimo Seymour, president, Media and Events, Life Time, “Zealios continues to create groundbreaking products that match the needs of our athletes.”

The partnership makes Zealios the official-level sponsor through 2024 and will provide Zealios an on-site presence at events to present their flagship products, including Sun Barrier and Sun Barrier Reef-Safe zinc oxide sunscreen that goes on clear.

Zealios kicks off the deal with the Leadville Race Series. Other events include:

  • Leadville and Leadville Qualifiers (Sunscreen and Anti-Chafe Partner)
    • Austin Rattler 100
    • Leadville Trail Marathon & Heavy Half
    • Leadville Trail 100 Run
    • Leadville Trail 100 MTB
  • Run and Tri Events (Sunscreen and Anti-Chafe Partner)
    • Miami Marathon
    • 305 Half Marathon
    • New York City Triathlon
    • Chicago Triathlon
  • Gravel Events (Sunscreen Partner)
    • Unbound Gravel
    • Big Sugar

Photo courtesy Zealios