VIM & VIGR announces the launch of its fall 2021 collection of graduated compression socks, leg sleeves and tights, hitting at retail in August.

“Our fall 2021 collection is designed to showcase your personal style while boosting wellness,” said Michelle Huie, founder, VIM & VIGR. “Personal wellness has become top of mind in the past year, and virtually everyone can benefit from adding compression socks to their daily routine. Whether you sit or stand for long periods of time for work or play, travel or have a medical need, compression socks are an easy addition to your wardrobe and have a positive impact on your health.”

The collection offers a range of compression levels from moderate 15-20 mmHg, moderate-firm 20-30 mmHg and firm 30-40 mmHg (medical-grade compression generally recommended or prescribed by a doctor).

Available in unisex sizing with standard and wide calf options. Fabrics include cotton, Merino wool, nylon, and nylon.

The color palette includes rich hues with florals, stripes and plaid patterning, including a limited-edition pumpkin pattern and autumn leaf motif. All the brand’s compression socks feature a contoured leg and heel and a flexible toe pocket.

For more product information, go here.

Photo courtesy VIM & VIGR