Setting out to create a solution to improve backpack ventilation for bikers and pack-wearers, New York City-based accessory brand VentaPak launched the VentaPak.

Designed as a lightweight, adjustable and low-profile accessory to fit all standard-sized backpacks, VentaPak transforms wearing a pack into a more comfortable, cool and dry experience by creating a space for airflow between a person’s backpack and back.

VentaPak was created by New York City entrepreneur and urban cyclist Mark Dingle, shown in the lead photo, who was tired of having a hot back while biking and then arriving at his destination with a shirt drenched in sweat. So he developed the VentaPak addressing the need for an ergonomic, comfortable and lightweight ventilation accessory to work in tandem with a backpack.

“I realized the solution was to get my pack off my back to create real separation and airflow,” said Dingle. “We developed several prototypes to design an accessory that we believe delivers superior ventilation, cooling and comfort, even compared with high-end backpacks on the market. It allows you to enhance and keep enjoying your favorite backpack(s) that you’ve grown accustomed and attached to using.”

Side view of VentaPak

Composed of a polyester hexagonal mesh screen secured on a flexible spring-steel frame, the VentaPak attaches to the backside of any standard-sized pack by using attachment mechanisms with buckles and adjustable straps. Weighing 12 ounces, the VentaPak’s frame is covered with malleable neoprene foam for a comfort fit that offers ventilation by separating the pack from your back. The gear also improves posture and back ergonomics by gently tugging the wearer’s shoulders back and provides lumbar support. The mesh screen distributes pack load evenly, keeping objects, especially non-flat ones, from pressing and digging into your back.

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