Velous Footwear expanded its line of recovery sandals with the Hoya Adjustable Slide, created to help feet, ankles, knees, and legs recover quickly from participation in sports or strenuous activities, with the brand’s patent-pending Tri-Motion Technology.

“The Hoya Adjustable Slide rounds out our recovery sandal lineup and features an adjustable upper for a custom fit,” said Tim Bartels, CEO and co-founder of Velous Footwear. “With maximum cushioning and underfoot support and stability, the Hoya is both a perfect tool to enhance recovery and a comfortable sandal for daily activities.”

The Hoya Adjustable Slide joins the Velous recovery sandal line, including the unisex Laguna Slide, Oceanside Flip and Pacific Flip. All Velous products include its Tri-Motion Technology and Foamotion Formula.

The company’s patent-pending Tri-Motion Technology offers a three-point solution: a supportive heel cup with side stabilizers, arch support and forefoot flexibility for a comfortable toe-off to the next step.

Velous Footwear’s design offers a stable platform with maximum cushioning to include shock absorption and a smooth heel strike, side supports to prevent ankle rolls and sprains and an ergonomic contour for proper foot alignment and a comfortable standing position. Top and bottom flex grooves aide in flexing the forefoot without resistance for a natural feel underfoot.

With a smooth transition from heel to toe, Velous Footwear’s custom triple-density Foamotion Formula adapts to the gait of the user and provides an optimal combination of cushioning throughout the foot to allow for healing and recovery.

In addition to the incorporation of Velous Footwear’s patent-pending technology, the sandals are made of lightweight materials and also feature an outsole reverse lug and grooved lines to provide traction, inverted box nodes to stimulate blood flow, offering a tactile feel, and perforated uppers for maximum breathability and quick drying.

Photo courtesy Velous Footwear