Londonderry, NH (June 20, 2024)—Velocio, makers of performance cycling apparel, is pleased to announce the relaunch of Velocio Renewed with an all-new trade-in option. The refreshed program includes a collection of revived, repurposed, and reconditioned apparel that is ready for a second life in the saddle.

Buying secondhand apparel not only saves cyclists money, but also reduces the environmental impact on the planet. The production of new clothing requires a large amount of natural resources. Buying one used item reduces its carbon, waste, and water footprint by 82 percent, furthering Velocio’s commitment to a better, more sustainable riding experience.

Velocio Renewed originally launched in August of 2021 to give apparel a second life, save waste from the landfill, and provide customers with more options. Now, partnering with Tersus Solutions for cleaning and repair, and Archive as the resale service provider, Velocio has added a new trade-in option for existing customers, a new website, and new stock of renewed kit

“When Velocio first launched Renewed in 2021, we created a way to give a second life to apparel that would have otherwise been recycled,says Sarah Leishman, Velocio’s general manager.Now, relaunching with Tersus and Archive, we’re improving all aspects of the process, and launching a trade-in program that will allow us to keep more apparel in use for longer.”

How It Works: The Renewal Process

Velocio is renewing products that have been traded in for store credit or returned through our Signature Guarantee and Returns program. Some products have been worn and show minor wear, some have tears or abrasions that are promptly repaired, while others have minor cosmetic defects and cannot be restocked and sold asnew”.

These products are sent to Tersus Solutions where they are sorted for quality inspection. Most products still have a lifetime of cycling left in them and are sent through the renewal process. However, upon inspection, some items do not meet the renewal criteria. These products are donated when possible or recycled and made into materials that can be used in other products and industries.

“Our team at Tersus is honored to support the relaunch of Velocio Renewed to give their products new life. The quality of the materials used in their best-in-class performance cycling apparel is a perfect fit for our proprietary waterless cleaning technology and industry leading repair and resale operations services,says Peter Whitcomb, CEO of Tersus Solutions.

After sorting, items are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized to aclean as new standardusing the Tersus cleaning system. Products are identified and go through a quality check, then they are repaired by highly trained repair technicians, if needed. Lastly, everything must pass a final quality assurance inspection.

Once all steps of the renewal process have been completed, the product is ready to be resold for a second life of use. Extending a product’s lifecycle and buying secondhand is one the most proven methods for reducing apparel’s carbon footprint. Velocio Renewed ensures the product will last many more miles, giving consumers a more sustainable option for cycling apparel.

Velocio partners with Archive, a resale service provider that handles the development and operation of this marketplace, as well as the logistics technology used by Tersus.We’re extremely proud to power the relaunch of Velocio Renewed, and expand the brand’s secondhand offerings with a new trade-in program,said Emily Gittins, CEO and co-founder of Archive.It’s wonderful to be partnering with a brand that is committed to offering customers multiple opportunities to extend the life of its products, and we look forward to supporting the program’s growth in the future.”

Velocio Renewed is currently only available in the United States.

A Better Way

That there is a better way to make kit, ride, work and design is the thread running through Velocio. It’s what makes the brand unique and what drives them to find products, people and events that highlight a better riding experience.

Since their launch in 2014, Velocio looked at how they can continue to push forward their product offering to design uncompromising apparel, bring gender parity to the cycling apparel market, and reduce their impact on our planet.

Velocio Renewed is the natural evolution of the brand’s commitment to creating and servicing high-quality performance cycling apparel. Extending the quality and durability Velocio is known for, Velocio Renewed answers the question of how to get the most from every piece. Now a product’s life doesn’t have to end with a small tear, a ripped seam, or a cosmetic blemish.