Unifi, Inc., maker of Repreve and recycled and synthetic yarns, features U Trust Product Certification, an enhanced supply chain certification, and Repreve SmartDye technology at the Outdoor Retailer Summer Outdoor from June 9-11, 2022, in Denver, CO.

The company will also host attendees at its Repreve mobile tour, which will serve as its Booth # 50041-UL. 

U Trust Product Certification is another way Unifi intends to build transparency around sustainability. From any point in the supply chain and throughout a product’s life or fiber, Unifi can test and verify that Repreve is present at expected content levels. 

“Trust and transparency are at the core of everything we do, and we strongly believe that sustainability claims should be independently verifiable,” said Eddie Ingle, CEO, Unifi. “Our U Trust Product Certification gives customers the additional assurance that the products they purchase are working for the good of tomorrow.”

Unifi is also showcasing its new Repreve SmartDye recycled polyester, designed to be dyed at lower temperatures with energy savings of up to 30 percent and has a lower carbon footprint than standard polyester dyeing without compromising a fabric’s integrity. This product meets performance requirements for the replacement of conventional polyester. Repreve SmartDye is available in polyester staple fiber and filament fiber.