Trerè Innovation, the sustainable apparel and footwear manufacturer based in Asola, Italy, will release its first line of 100 percent bio-based base layers in the U.S., manufactured in Pennsylvania, in fall 2023. 

The base layer, footwear and sock collection are part of the company’s Unleash Your Nature (UYN). A store is also scheduled to open in Boston in fall 2023.

“UYN is delivering the next generation of planet-friendly fabrics from responsibly harvested beech plants, castor oil seeds, kapok trees, eucalyptus trees, and corn, among others, using proprietary manufacturing processes at our in-house facilities. This is our clear point of difference,” said Marco Redini, Trerè Innovation CEO. “AREAS, our academy for research and engineering, enables our designers to create the highest quality garments, footwear and accessories meeting the most stringent performance standards resulting in best-in-class quality. Our base layers are trusted by nine respected ski teams around the globe. With these assets and our proven skilled expertise, we intend to replicate our global success in the U.S. because the timing is right.” 

Marco Redini’s father, Luigi Redini, founded the company in 1950, producing stockings. He joined the company in 1984 when the brand entered the sportswear market. After perfecting its approach to the bio-based manufacturing process, Trerè introduced UYN in 2018 in 27 countries. Redini built a global network providing design and technical expertise during his tenure. Today the company manufactures products for Christian Dior, Harley-Davidson, Puma, and Rossignol, among others. 

The technology behind UYN’s Biotech base layer line originates from the brand’s veteran designers and its Academy for Research and Engineering in Apparel and Sports (AREAS). The 38,000-square-foot center has a climate wind tunnel, thermal mannequins, a rain room, a 3D body scanner, and a sports medicine department. UYN’s biotech components include:

  • Biolight a plant-based fiber extracted from beech trees in responsibly managed forests. It is breathable and retains “twice as much moisture as cotton;”
  • Ecolypt a 100 percent sustainable natural fiber collected from eucalyptus trees providing strength and elasticity;
  • Flexicorn a plant-based bio-polyester yarn derived from corn that is elastic, resilient, wrinkle-resistant, UV-resistant, and “keeps its original shape longer than synthetic fibers;”
  • Kapok, the “lightest organic fiber in the world,” is used for its natural insulation, hypoallergenic and antibacterial properties. It is derived from “pristine forests by hand without pesticides or fertilizers;” and
  • Natex a 100 percent bio-based material made from castor oil seeds that result in a “lightweight, elastic and bacteriostatic material for minimizing odors.”

UYN is the first brand to make footwear out of socks without seams and uses natural materials, including paper cotton, merino, yak wool, and bio-based materials, including Natex and Ecolypt. 

“U.S. consumers want to be outdoors and aligned with brands taking proactive actions to minimize the damage to the planet,” continued Redini. “UYN provides a clear alternative to the U.S. marketplace because of our advanced design and in-house manufacturing and our sustainability commitment in every facet of our business. We look forward to introducing U.S. consumers to the UYN family.”

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Photo courtesy Trerè