Nocs Provisions, maker of binoculars, monoculars and accessories, launched its first nature-inspired hat collection, the Extinct Creatures 6-Panel and the Interesting Birds Bucket Hats. 

Made from 100 percent organic cotton, each six-panel highlights an extinct creature, while the Bucket Hat shows an array of interesting birds. The neutral tones are broken with pops of color on the inside, contrasting colors on the front, and designs across the hats. The 6-Panel Hat features the animal names lettered on the side and NOCS written on the back. The Hemp Buckets have a tricolor pop with the names shown inside and ventilation holes. Each graphic was sketched to showcase abstract detailing. 

The Extinct Creatures 6-Panel Collection includes the Caribbean Monk Seal, Mexican Grizzly Bear, Elasmotherium, Saber Toothed Tiger, Zannibar Leopard, and Phoberomys. All offer an adjustable fit.

The Interesting Birds Collection includes Anhinga, Blackbumian Warbler, Mot Mot, Pileated Woodpecker, Western Sandpiper, and Western Tanager.  One size fits most. 

“One of the biggest reasons we do what we do is to show our appreciation for our earth and its beautiful creatures. The Extinct Creatures collection was inspired by the past when amazing animals such as the Saber Toothed Tiger were roaming the earth. It reminds us to nurture our environment and learn from the past,” said Nocs Provisions founder and CEO, Chris McKleroy. “The Interesting Birds collection is inspired by the present—for nature lovers, birders and really anyone who is curious about what’s out there.”

All Nocs Provisions products are covered by the brand’s “No Matter What” lifetime warranty. Since day one, Nocs has been a member of 1% for the Planet and supports Feminist Bird Club, Hike Clerb, She Jumps, Intersectionalist Environmentalist, and Trips for Kids Marin, a non-profit that provides kids in communities with limited outdoor access an opportunity to explore nature on a bike. 

Photo courtesy Nocs Provisions