Toray Industries has launched a new poly filament fabric called Camifu that “combines the softness, smoothness and comfort of synthetic fibers with the natural feel and random unevenness of traditional Japanese paper,” said the brand.

Camfu can be used for various apparel applications for men’s and women’s clothing, including outerwear. Toray will commercialize Camfu beginning with the SS22 season.

Unlike conventional fabrics, Camifu “can match the Japanese paper features that inspired it” because it uses Nanodesign, Toray’s conjugate spinning technology, to develop a “flat C cross-sectional shape that delivers a precise arrangement of three different polymers.”

Toray has “arranged polymers with different heat shrinkage properties in special shapes on the left and right of a flat cross-section, with a soluble polymer in the fiber’s center.” The heat-treated polymers on the left and right side of the fiber bend along with it. And with a flat shape, it offers a “unique twist and stretch.”

The company also said that “varying the polymer’s arrangement and shape with adjacent fibers generates different torsional structures for each yarn, resulting in a yarn bundle structure containing complex voids.” The result “feels like hand-made Japanese paper” and is eco-friendly, with one of its polymers originating from recycled film scraps.

Photo courtesy Toray