The award-winning Dynaplug Air is the only tool of its kind in the world. Plug your tubeless bicycle tire and air it up with CO2 at the same time! Not only does the Dynaplug Air Tool plug your tire and get the tire inflated to its desired pressure, but also incorporates a valve core remover directly in the cap of the tool. This addition makes the Dynaplug Air Tool the complete package for fixing tubeless setups both trailside, as well as in the workshop. ​

Dynaplug Air is the only tubeless repair solution to incorporate repair and inflation in a single step, and also the lightest on the market. Made in the USA out of 6061 Aluminum, with a stainless steel repair nozzle, the tool weighs a scant .7 ounces. With the addition of a value core remover into the tool’s cap, the Air Tool is now the one-stop shop for plugging, inflating, and repairing any tubeless tire.

Dynaplug’s new Air Tool Cap will come standard with every new Air Tool, and will also be sold as a standalone upgrade for existing tools. ​

Kit Features:

  • Dynaplug Air Tool – compatible with all 12-50g threaded CO2 cartridges
  • 4 plugs ​
  • 2 16g CO2 ​
  • Air Hose- bonus CO2 inflator hose for non-plugging inflation use ​
  • Valve Core removal machined directly in the tool’s cap (New) ​
  • Made In the USA
  • Tool Weight: 20.2 G/.71 OZ ​
  • New Cap with integrated Valve Core Removal