Tentree launched its Circularity by Tentree program, allowing customers to resell or recycle their used Tentree clothing through partner programs with Treet and SuperCircle. The program’s goal is for Tentree clothing to stay out of landfills and in circulation either as Tentree products or as new, upcycled clothing.

Customers request a free shipping label and send their clothing to SuperCircle, where apparel goes through a two-prong approach:

  1. If the product qualifies for resale, it is posted through Tentree’s resale shop, powered by Treet, which features discounted, gently used Tentree apparel.
  2. If the product qualifies to be recycled, Tentree’s recycling partner, SuperCircle breaks down the clothing and recycles it into new material to live a new life as another article of clothing, padding or insulation. 

“Our number one priority with Circularity by Tentree is to keep clothing out of landfills,” said Diana Seung, president, Tentree. “When you keep products alive, either in its original form or as a new, upcycled product, you’re not only eliminating waste but also cutting the product’s carbon footprint in half and reducing the need for new materials. We prioritize earth-first materials, and setting up a circularity program was the next step to closing that loop. At some point, we want recycled Tentree products to come back to life in our newest releases.”

Customers who return apparel for recycling receive credit for future purchases, which Tentree hopes will incentivize customers to keep their clothing in circulation. 

“Tentree is blazing the trail for a new breed of circularity that weaves resale with recycling to create the greatest impact,” Jake Disraeli, co-founder and CEO, Treet, said. “We’re thrilled to partner with this amazing group of circular solutions to ensure every Tentree item lives its longest life.”

“We’re excited to partner with Treet to help Tentree, an industry leader in sustainability, go circular,” Chloe Songer, co-founder and CEO, SuperCircle said. “Tentree is taking responsibility for every item they’ve ever sold, diverting them from landfill and effectively establishing a new standard for circular commerce. We’re very proud that both recycling and recapture are powered by SuperCircle’s turn-key reverse logistics and technology platform. “