Vancouver, B.C. — April 15, 2024 —Two Canadian companies dedicated to both enjoying and preserving the great outdoors are joining forces to introduce a groundbreaking eco-friendly chalk option that redefines sustainability without compromising on performance.

Following a highly successful pilot launch in the MEC Vancouver store, Tembo Chalk Company proudly announces the distribution of its pioneering pay-by-the-scoop, fill-your-own-chalk bag model in five Mountain Equipment Company (MEC) stores across major Canadian cities: Calgary, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

“At Tembo Chalk Co., we are driven by a commitment to sustainability and innovation,” said Founder Matt Fudge. “We were inspired by the idea to disrupt the way the industry typically manufactures and distributes chalk. I think we’ve made big strides in accomplishing that goal. We’re doing something really different and setting a higher standard in every way possible.”

Conventionally, climbing chalk production has involved environmentally harmful processes such as mining and processing magnesium carbonate. Tembo Chalk’s revolutionary alternatives prioritize sustainable resourcing and reduced carbon footprints, while completely eliminating the need for wasteful packaging.

“We’re not just a chalk supplier; we’re innovators in sustainable climbing solutions,” said Fudge. “Our chalk manufacturing process incorporates a scientific approach, including the use of a byproduct of desalinated ocean water. It isn’t mined out of the ground. Our chalk feels very different and is more effective than any other supplier out there. We’ve also eliminated the manufacturing and waste of any kind of bag – you can just bring your chalk bag to the store and fill it.”

Before its retail debut at MEC, Tembo Chalk was exclusively available in bulk quantities online and across over 100 climbing gyms spanning Canada and the United States. Through its bulk refill model, the company has diverted over 250,000 single-use bags from ending up in landfills.

“The introduction of Tembo Chalk refillable bins at our stores underscores our shared commitment to sustainable practices,” remarked Kim McGrenere, MEC climbing merchant. “We take pride in offering eco-friendly product options that perfectly align with our core environmental values.”

In addition to its groundbreaking environmental initiatives, Tembo Chalk Co. dedicates itself to supporting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust through its 1% initiative, demonstrating a firm dedication to wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship.