Precision Sports Devices, LLC, a team sports technology company, announced today the launch of PassLab™. PassLab is a revolutionary patented device designed to improve passing performance for quarterbacks of all ages. The company’s mission is simple: to build smart technology that is easy to use, and to enable athletes to develop the ability to dominate the field. 

Smart Technology. PassLab’s Real Reality (RR) patented technology teaches the quarterback to use their eyes to strategically gain an advantage while looking-off defenders. With the real-time alarm system and data-driven interface, this is the best and smartest way to train quarterbacks.

Easy To Use. PassLab fits directly on the quarterback’s helmet or directly on his head for in and off-season training. QBs and coaches don’t have to wait for meetings or film to review performance. PassLab is worn on the field during practice–giving immediate feedback to both coach and player. The intuitive App allows the coach to customize the entire offensive system, a specific practice script or snap-by-snap play. 

PassLab was created by the company’s CEO and founder Dave Churchman, a sporting goods professional with decades of experience representing companies like New Balance, Adidas, Russell Athletic, and Puma. Churchman’s astuteness for engineering products to improve game performance is changing the way coaches and players train in Real Reality (RR). 

 “This device encourages behavioral habits that will make a quarterback a more effective passer, which translates to better game performance,” said Churchman. “It’s about training, not tracking—apps are great for analyzing data, but they don’t help you win—this technology helps a team win by redirecting behavior.” 

FOX Sports Network’s lead college football analyst and former University of Colorado quarterback, Joel Klatt, has partnered with the company as the official spokesperson. Klatt stated, “I have spent my entire life around the game of football. I have never seen a device that can do what PassLab is capable of doing. Quarterbacks train their skills and their mind tirelessly, but there has never been an on-field device that can aid in training their eyes. With the importance of great QB play at an all-time high, PassLab will give QBs of all ages an edge over their competition. It is smart, intuitive and easy to use. PassLab belongs on the head of QBs of all ability levels and ages.”

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