Tailwind Nutrition will introduce its newest limited edition Endurance Fuel flavor, “Dauwaltermelon,” inspired by Tailwind Nutrition athlete Courtney Dauwalter. It provides a light, fruity watermelon taste with a hint of lime.

“Courtney has been using Tailwind Nutrition products since 2017 when she first tried them at Run Rabbit Run. We are constantly asked how Courtney uses our products, and it seemed like the next logical step was to do a collaboration between us,” said Maggie Guterl, athletes and events manager at Tailwind Nutrition…The result is Courtney Dauwaltermelon with Lime, which she’ll be using this summer and on the course at the Western States and Hardrock 100. We are excited to make this flavor available to everyone!”

The Dauwaltermelon flavor is Tailwind Nutrition’s ninth Endurance Fuel flavor, offering “complete nutrition with the perfect combination of calories, electrolytes and hydration for athletes with no need for gels, chews, bars, or salt pills.”

Tailwind Nutrition’s Endurance Fuel products mix clear with water and are designed for use during training and racing without upsetting the stomach. The Dauwaltermelon flavor will be available on June 16 in 4-stick single-serving packs. For early access, consumers can join Tailwind Nutrition’s free loyalty program by visiting here or through participating retail stores. 

Photo courtesy Tailwind Nutrition