Vail, CO is home to the GoPro Mountain Games, the largest outdoor recreation festival in the country, hosting approximately 80,000 people from June 6-9, 2019. As the creator of the RV-Outdoor Recreation category, SylvanSport will be showcasing the award-winning GO camper. With roots in kayak and bicycle design, SylvanSport has the perfect experience to design RVs for this crossover category.

Since 2004, SylvanSport has been bridging the gap between traditional RV and outdoor recreation. The GO camper has a solid footing in both categories as a towable camper that has gear carrying capacity integrated into its lightweight, versatile design. Named “Best Basecamp” by National Geographic Adventure and Gear of the Year by Men’s Journal, the GO is right at home with the bikes, kayaks, SUPs and outdoor gear found at GoPro Mountain Games, while providing an adventurous, comfortable camping experience.

“SylvanSport is rooted in the outdoors. We are most comfortable on the trail, water or campsite,” says Tom Dempsey, President of SylvanSport. “Since the beginning, we have always thought that outdoor recreation and RVs are the perfect combination…it just needed the products to truly integrate the two worlds, and that is exactly what we did with the GO. There couldn’t be a better place to showcase this than the GoPro Mountain Games.”

Set in beautiful Vail, CO, the GoPro Mountain Games offers spectators and athletes alike a four-day weekend of competitions, music, art and family activities.


About SylvanSport: SylvanSport is the US-based manufacturer of the award-winning GO Camping Trailer and the revolutionary ‘Easy’ Adventure Trailer. GO has been called the Swiss Army Knife of camping trailers and the Coolest. Camper. Ever. by National Geographic Adventure. The all-new ‘GO Easy’ is the most innovative and feature-packed bike, boat and cargo hauling, utility/camping trailer on the market. For more information, visit