Surface Sunscreen continues to innovate as part of its mission to create the most comfortable sunscreen products for any situation, and now offers one of the few CBD-infused suncare lines available for purchase online through a seamless digital transaction.

While Surface’s CBD-Infused Sheer Touch line was immediately embraced by tastemaker accounts in the outdoor and wellness landscape, archaic thinking led to numerous online payment challenges for consumers were looking to purchase direct through the Surface website.

A quick search online will show that many brands advertise CBD-infused sunscreen products, very few are actually available to purchase through the easy online payment systems consumers are accustomed to. While Surface has had its CBD-infused product line on its website since it launched in July, anyone interested in purchasing the product through the web had to speak with a Surface representative via phone after online checkout in order to complete the purchase. This process was less than appealing to most consumers who were looking to complete their purchase as quickly as possible.

As a family-run independent startup in a crowded space, the Surface team is no stranger to overcoming challenges at every level. When it launched its line of CBD-infused products with Dixie Botanicals® in July, Surface knew that there would be some challenges in the online payment space and physical retail landscape.

While the benefits of CBD have been widely promoted in the media, online transactions involving non-THC CBD-infused products is a difficult task to complete. The Surface team has worked tirelessly since launching its CBD-infused suncare line to solve the outmoded thinking in the digital payments industry so that its latest sunscreen and aloe sun care products can be placed in a digital shopping cart and purchased as easily as Surface’s other suncare products.

“We fully believe that Surface’s product line is best experienced in person at our retail partners so our customers can sample them before they commit. There is no one-feel-fits-all in sunscreen, which is why Surface’s line includes both sheer and dry-touch formulas, mineral-based, zinc and clear-zinc, as well as our proprietary Sheer Touch CBD line,” commented Guy Trotter, founder of Surface. “Some customers do prefer to buy online, and the idea of having to speak with a member of our sales team over the phone is an antiquated notion and in many ways, a deal-breaker. This is why the Surface team has worked tirelessly to ensure our CBD category is available online through a seamless digital transaction.”

Surface’s introductory line of CBD infused sunscreen line up includes its popular Sheer Touch SPF50 Lotion ($21.99), Sheer Touch SPF50 Spray ($22.99), and Aloe Vera Aftersun Spray ($17.99). All Surface CBD suncare products are infused with 25 mg per ounce of 100% THC-free CBD, along with being reef-safe, hypoallergenic, and cruelty-free. The Sheer Touch products are also water-resistant (80 minutes) and provide broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection.

Surface’s CBD-infused sunscreens are available nationwide at a range of notable outdoor and healthcare retailers, including Sun Diego, Surfride, Local Motion, BC Surf & Sport, Aqua East, Bunger Surf Shop, Dive & Surf, and Bartell Drugs, and online through


About Surface Products Corp.: Family owned and operated Surface Products Corp. was created in 2012 with the mission to create the World’s Most Comfortable Sunscreens. Surface develops a wide-range of suncare products to meet the unique needs of outdoor athletes and individuals, no matter how they enjoy life outside. Reef-safe and cruelty-free, Surface Products focuses on providing consumers with healthier, innovative, and premium suncare products at an economical price. It’s Your Life. Protect It!

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