Superfeet will commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Superfeet Green insole with a name change and redesigned packing, effective July 11, to make it easier for retail employees to recommend the right products and to provide clarity to customers on how each of its products can meet their needs.

“For those who know and love Superfeet, our Green insole is synonymous with firm support and recognizable simply by its color name, but we know this naming convention doesn’t explain what the insole provides and the many benefits wearers can experience,” said Trip Randall, CEO at Superfeet. “We want to support as many feet as possible, and we’re confident that simplifying the insole discovery process with more descriptive names and updated packaging is big step towards achieving that goal.”

The new naming features the activity (all-purpose, run, hike, hockey, winter, casual) and primary benefit each insole provides (support, cushion, performance) as follows:

  • Green Insoles to All-Purpose Support High Arch Insoles
  • Blue Insoles to All-Purpose Support Medium Arch Insoles
  • Black Insoles to All-Purpose Support Low Arch Insoles
  • Orange Insoles to All-Purpose High-Impact Support Insoles
  • Berry Insoles to All-Purpose Women’s High-Impact Support Insoles
  • Carbon Insoles to Run Support Low Arch Insoles
  • Run Comfort Thin Insoles to Run Support Medium Arch Insoles
  • Run Comfort Insoles to Run Support High Arch Insoles
  • Adapt Run Insoles to Run Cushion Low Arch Insoles
  • Adapt Run Max Insoles to Run Cushion High Arch Insoles
  • Trailblazer Comfort Insoles to Hike Support Insoles
  • Adapt Hike Max Insoles to Hike Cushion Insoles
  • Winter Comfort Insoles to Winter Support Insoles
  • Carbon Pro Hockey Insoles to Hockey Performance Insoles
  • Everyday Comfort Insoles to Casual Support Insoles

Superfeet also announced it would introduce Run Cushion Medium Arch Insoles in October 2023 for runners and walkers with a structured, semi-firm feel of Run Support insoles in three arch heights, or the cushioned, flexible feel of Run Cushion insoles in a low arch, medium arch and high arch option.

The redesigned packaging communicates the following, purpose/activity use case placement; support and cushion levels, with a cushioning scale; fit profile highlighting arch height and thickness; packaging that is 100 percent recyclable and made from 100 percent recycled materials with at least 35 percent post-consumer waste; and the packaging supplier purchases sustainable energy credits, resulting in boxes printed using 100 percent sustainable energy resources.

Photo courtesy Superfeet