Selkirk Sport, the manufacturer of pickleball equipment, is expanding its product range by launching the S01 Pro Court Shoe and S02 Premium Court Shoe. 

The  S01 Pro Court Shoe, the first shoe introduced by Selkirk Labs, enables faster movement on the court. Key features include a ladder lacing system, breathable fabric and an extended sole wrap for increased durability in the pickleball drag zones.

“With the S01 Pro Court Shoe, we’ve incorporated lifted heel geometry for enhanced acceleration and an external stability wrap for optimal fit and control,” said Rob Barnes, co-founder and co-CEO of Selkirk Sport. “Our research and design team has worked tirelessly to ensure this shoe meets the highest performance standards while ensuring player comfort.”

Alongside the S01, Selkirk Sport launched the S02 Premium Court Shoe, designed to balance speed and stability, and features a reinforced toe box, an aerated midsole for light comfort and a rubber outsole to withstand hard court abrasion.

“The S02 Premium Court Shoe is made for players who demand the best from their gear,” Barnes added. “We’ve equipped it with features like a wide toe box area for a better pickleball fit and an ergonomic outsole flex plate, ensuring the entire outsole system works in favor of the player.”

The Pro Court Shoe is available in a red colorway, and the S02 Premium Court Shoe is in black.

Photo courtesy Selkirk Sport