Ferndale, Wash. (June 21, 2024) – Superfeet, the global insole leader, and Work Right NW, a premier provider of workplace injury prevention solutions, today announces a strategic partnership to improve employee well-being and safety in the industrial work setting. Together, Superfeet and Work Right NW offer comprehensive solutions to help reduce musculoskeletal disorders, one of the leading causes of workplace injuries in the United States, which costs employers on average $17 billion yearly.

“Superfeet is excited to partner with Work Right NW to provide high-quality insoles and education to keep American workers on their feet,says Trip Randall, CEO of Superfeet.Our combined efforts help improve overall employee comfort and productivity while reducing injuries and associated costs for Safety Managers and HR professionals. By equipping businesses and workers with the right tools and information, we are fostering a healthier, more efficient workforce.”

Work Right NW specializes in workplace injury prevention for industrial athletes. The company uses a combination of on-site specialists, training programs, and data analysis to identify and address potential injuries before incidents occur. Its goal is to proactively reduce healthcare costs, while keeping employees healthy, reducing workplace injuries.  

Superfeet Work Insoles are one of the key tools Work Right NW Injury Prevention Specialists recommend in injury prevention strategies. Work Right NW’s on-site specialists are certified athletic trainers and physical therapists. The partnership with Superfeet allows an assessment-to-recommendation model custom-tailored for industrial businesses and workers to reduce workplace injuries and pain. 

“Our partnership with Work Right NW and Superfeet is truly exceptional,says Ryan Ousdale, Director of Field Safety at Lowe’s.Not only do Work Right NW clinicians care for our associates with compassion and expertise, but Superfeet also provides world-class insoles that enhance the comfort and performance of our team. Together, they embody a culture of caring about one another that is truly inspiring.” 

Work Right NW’s evidence-based programs focus on early intervention, ergonomic assessments and employee education. By incorporating Superfeet insoles into its program, Work Right NW will be able to offer a more holistic approach to injury prevention. 

“Partnering with Superfeet in the initial stages was an easy decision to make, as their mission and values align with ours,says Ty Gilmore, Chief Operating Officer at Work Right NW.Since then, Superfeet has maintained a consistent and enthusiastic effort to fuel our partnership and support Work Right NW’s effort to equip industrial athletes with the care and resources they need to run the industries of the world. Our partnership is one that we are grateful for and are proud to offer to our clients.” 

Superfeet and Work Right NW will be exhibiting together at the 2024 SHRM Annual Conference in Chicago, IL. Booth #639. For more information or media inquiries, please contact Andrea Green at andrea.green@rygr.us.