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Avon, CO, January 14, 2020—Introducing the new Sportube Hard Cases for 2020/21 at the Snow + Outdoor Show. The formidable Sportube hard cases will launch for the first time in a 100% recycled HDPE plastic. Sportube is pleased to bring attention to a better sourced, environmentally friendly solution that maintains its superior strength and durability of virgin material while helping reduce its impact on the environment.

Made in the USA, Sportube has been protecting skis and snowboards all over the world with their strong, durable, and lightweight hard plastic cases for 25 years. Sportube hard cases are made to withstand the brutality of traveling and offer superior protection over soft bags. Airlines are even showing a preference for hard cases over soft bags.

“Even though 100% recycled High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic is only currently available in Black, we decided it was a step in the right direction to doing our part to help the planet,” says founder and owner Paul Hields.” 100% recycled HDPE looks the same, feels the same and performs the same as what is known as virgin or unused material.”


Sportube cases remain resilient to abuse and damage, perfect for protecting your equipment, longer-lasting and therefore are better for the planet. The telescopic design is fully adjustable to fit any length ski or board and the durable rubber wheels make these tubes easy to maneuver through any airport. With an easy pull handle at the front of the tube and two ergonomically positioned handles on top, it’s comfortable to carry or pull.

Sportube hard cases come in three different models to suit any purpose of travel. The Series 1 Sportube is their smallest and lightest case. This case can hold one pair of skis and poles and weighs approximately 8lbs. The Series 2 Sportube is their mid-size case and is perfect for two pairs of skis. It weighs about 12lbs. Still, need more room? The Series 3 Sportube is the largest of the three and is ideal for 1 or 2 snowboards or 3 pairs of skis and poles, weighing approximately 14lbs.

Whether you’re checking your Sportube with the airlines, shipping it with any carrier, or strapping it to the roof of a vehicle, Sportube is the safest way to get your equipment to your destination.

About SportubeFor 25 years in the Rocky Mountains, Sportube hard cases (Made in the USA) and now boot and ski bags have been the tried and trusted method for transporting and protecting valuable ski and snowboard equipment when traveling. Sportube has a case or bag to meet everyone’s needs, with models that accommodate both nordic and alpine skis and poles; snowboards and boots; or even a pair of skis, snowboard and boots. Sportube hard cases are adventure ready and will stand the test of time. If you’re a serious skier, rider or angler and you want to keep your equipment at its best, check out the benefits of traveling with a Sportube®;

Paul Hields, Sportube

Beth Cochran