San Francisco, CA (November 3, 2021) —  Somewear Labs, a leader in off-grid communication technology, and onX, a pioneer in outdoor digital navigation, have expanded their industry-first product integration to fulfill the mapping and communication needs of hunters. By introducing the satellite-enabled connectivity of Somewear, onX Hunt users can now share custom onX Waypoints off-grid. This latest integration honors Somewear Labs’ and onX’s commitment to inspire outdoor recreationists to explore with confidence and to stay connected, even without cellular reception.    

onX Waypoints are contextual markers created by users within onX Hunt that can indicate where users are going, where they’ve been, and any point of interest along the way. For example, Waypoints may indicate where wildlife was spotted, the location of a hunting camp, a blood trail, a hunting blind, where the truck is parked, and the location of a field dress. 

onX Hunt users are now able to share these Waypoints via a Somewear Global Hotspot–an integration that was originally enabled for onX Backcountry in April 2021. The Somewear satellite communicator enables two-way communication through Iridium’s low-earth orbit (LEO) satellite network, allowing adventure-critical information to be transmitted quickly and reliably. In addition to sharing onX Waypoints, the Somewear Global Hotspot supports a range of features to increase situational awareness including two-way messaging, automated location sharing, on-demand weather reporting and SOS beaconing.

“Mapping and communication is a critical component of safe and successful hunting–a sport that exposes participants to some of the most demanding backcountry environments,” commented James Kubik, CEO of Somewear Labs. “The integration of Somewear and onX Hunt Waypoints provides hunters with a powerful digital toolset to stay informed and connected no matter where their pursuit takes them,” Kubik continued. 

“We’re excited to expand this game changing integration to our hunting audience,” said onX Hunt Marketing Manager, Zach Sandau. “Outdoorsmen and women all need reliable communication options, especially when traveling outside of cell service. Whether they’re sharing a tree stand location with others in their party, or letting family at home know where they’re setting up camp for the night, the ability to communicate with a Waypoint’s context ensures their safety and provides peace of mind.”

The integration between onX and Somewear is currently available for all onX Hunt and onX Backcountry Members and requires a Somewear Global Hotspot device and data package. To learn more, please visit: