For Fall 2021, SCARPA unveils its next generation of the Maestrale and Gea family ski boots while adding to its backcountry boots with the F1 LT WMN. 

In the new Maestrale and Gea boots, performance was included without adding weight, in addition to sustainable materials. 


Since their introduction in 2010, the Maestrale and Gea have offered the precision of a downhill ski boot with the lightweight mobility of a backcountry boot. Both the stiffer RS versions and the regular versions went through evolutions during the decade following, but the ethos remains the same — backcountry boots for downhill and touring.

Features include:

  • Maestrale and Gea offer 3D Lambda Frame construction in the lower boot using an I-beam design to reduce flex at key stress points;
  • 3D Lambda Frame is found on the lower boot working with a Thor upper cuff, which uses a similar raised I-beam design to transfer power to the lower boot; 
  • 3D Lambda Frame and Thor upper cuff improve power transfer to the boot without increasing forward stiffness from its 125-flex; 
  • In the 125-flex Maestrale and 120-flex Gea RS, Scarpa uses Grilamid Bio, derived from the castor bean plant, in its bi-injection carbon-infused shell; and 
  • In the Maestrale and Gea, Pebax Rnew, derived from the castor plant, “requires 29 percent less fossil fuel and puts out 32 percent fewer emissions in the process taking Pebax Rnew from raw to usable material”, said Scarpa.

Scarpa’s ultralight ski-touring boot the F1 LT, released in 2020, becomes a family of boots with the addition of a women’s specific version.  


  • At 930 grams and 100 flex, the F1 LT WMN is an ultralight ski-touring boot; 
  • combines ultralight features with a backcountry design and the power to drive modern skis; 
  • built with Carbon Grilamid LFT, a Grilamid material infused with long carbon fibers that improve power and stiffness while retaining the progressive flex desired for the descent; and 
  • a new upper cuff using Scarpa’s Grid Frame Tech, a design that uses reinforced I-beam construction with raised ribs of Carbon Grilamid LFT to create lateral stability and downhill performance without the added thickness and weight to the cuff. 

Photos courtesy Scarpa